Image Configuration

This page contains documentation for configurations related to the library-image addon.


The generation process via library-image typically follows a two-step process: 1) retrieve a color value from 2D coordinates, and 2) convert that color to something else such as a biome or a height value for use in world generation.

digraph { node [shape=record] rankdir=LR input [label="2D Coordinates"] sampler [label="1) Retrieve Color"] converter [label="2) Convert Color"] output [label="Output (e.g biome, height value)"] input -> sampler sampler -> converter converter -> output }

Image Configurations

An image configuration defines how Terra should load image data, typically this is as simple as defining the path to the image. Image configs are used by other configs related to library-image to source colors for use in generation.

Color Samplers

The configuration type primarily responsible for the first step of retriving color values is called a color sampler. Color samplers differ from image configurations in that they can provide colors for an infinite* space, whereas image configurations are limited to operating within a set width and height. In some cases a config may use just a image configuration directly to source colors rather than a color sampler.

Color samplers may utilize image configurations to source color data, but can also do things like translate where images will generate in world space. Color samplers operate similarly to how noise samplers do, with the key difference being that color samplers output colors rather than numbers.

digraph { node [shape=record] rankdir=LR input [label="2D Coordinates"] sampler [label="Color Sampler"] output [label="Color"] input -> sampler sampler -> output }

Color Conversion

The second step of converting the color to something else is configured differently depending on the particular use case. You can find documentation for relevant configs below under Application Specific Configs.


General Configs

Application Specific Configs