Image Noise Sampler Configurations

Noise Sampler Types


Outputs a channel from a color sampler.

color-sampler ColorSampler The color sampler to extract channel values from.

normalize Boolean If the channel should be normalized to range [-1, 1] or not.

Default: true

premultiply Boolean Whether to multiply color channels by the alpha channel or not. If you are expecting pixel transparency to reduce the output value then this should be set to true.

Default: false


Returns the result of a distance transform on an image.

image Image

threshold Integer

Default: 127

clamp-to-max-edge Boolean

Default: false

channel Channel


cost-function String

  • Channel

  • Threshold

  • ThresholdEdge

  • ThresholdEdgeSigned

Default: Channel

invert-threshold Boolean

Default: false

Normalization String

  • None

  • Linear

  • SmoothPreserveZero

Default: None