Community Packs#

This page contains a list of community packs for Terra.
To add your pack to this list, submit a PR to the Docs Repository

Overworld pack#

Authors: Astrash, Sancires, Aureus
Terra Version: 6.2+.x

Overworld config pack for Terra which provides many preset configurations and variables to play around with! See the Modifying an Existing Pack guide to get started.


Author: Jaddot
Terra Version: 6.x

A Minecraft Terra generation pack that adds a ton of new biomes to the Nether!



Authors: Aureus, RogueShade
Terra Version: 6.2+.x

A Terra pack designed to reimagine the End with new biomes, features, and terrain to explore.



Author: Jaddot
Terra Version: 6.2.x

A Minecraft Terra generation pack that turns the entire world into a winter wonderland!



Author: Falcon
Terra Version: 6.2.x

Pack that generates floating islands world with new biomes and structures!



Author: Astrash
Terra Version: 6.2+.x

A Terra config pack themed around floating islands.


Author: Aureus
Terra Version: 6.x

A simple Minecraft Void World config pack for the Terra world generation platform.


Authors: RogueShade
Terra Version: 6.2+.x

A Terra pack that creates a completely underground world with several unique caves to explore within.



Authors: Rearth
Terra Version: 6.4+.x

Adds new and more exotic biomes and generation to the overworld. Based on the default overworld pack, with mostly new biomes.