Config Documentation

Configuration Files

Other Configs

These configs define objects contained within the parameters of other objects.

Documentation Format

Configs are documented in the following format:


<Description of ConfigName>

<required-parameter> <Type> A parameter that must be defined for the config to be valid.

<optional-parameter> <Type> A parameter that may optionally be defined but is not essential.

<ConfigName> Example
<required-parameter>: ... # Object matching the parameter type
<optional-parameter>: ...

*Some documented configs may not contain any optional parameters and or an example config.

Config Specific Objects

Some parameters may require a type specific to that particular config. In these cases, the documentation of that contained type will be included in the main config’s documentation:


A config containing a parameter that requires an object specific to the config.

example-object ConfigSpecificObject


An object specific to ExampleConfig.

object-parameter String

ExampleConfig Example
  object-parameter: A string.