Fabric, Forge and Quilt Client World Creation


This guide is intended for the Fabric, Forge and Quilt versions of Terra.

Other Platform Installations

These instructions are intended for setting up a Terra world on singleplayer.


  1. From the Minecraft main menu, navigate to the world creation screen via Singleplayer -> Create New World.

  2. Select More World Options….

  3. Cycle through the World Type: … button until you see World Type: Terra:<CONFIG_ID>. To use the default pack select Terra:OVERWORLD.

  4. Configure any other world settings you wish to change.

  5. Press Create New World and check if your new world is using Terra world generation.

If you followed the steps correctly without any errors, then you have successfully set up your client with Terra!


If you run into issues during the world set up process, be sure to check you have followed each step correctly. Check for any errors in your client logs and try to interpret what the issue might be.

If you are unable to set up a world successfully, and have attempted to fix any issues yourself, please feel free to shoot us a message on our Discord server and provide any relevant information and most importantly the before mentioned logs!