Pack Installation

Config packs are installed similarly to resource packs, which is a fairly straight forward process:

1. Download your config pack.

Typically packs are distributed as .zip files, however they can be loaded from folders too. You can find a list of available packs on the Community Packs page.

Before proceeding, make sure to:

  • Check if the pack has specific installation instructions, and follow them if so.

  • Check that the pack you wish to install is compatible with your version of Terra.

2. Place the config pack into the packs directory.

This will differ slighly between versions:

  • Fabric - /config/Terra/packs

  • Bukkit - /plugins/Terra/packs

3. Ensure the correct directory structure.

Generally, packs will be set up to simply be dropped into the packs folder when they’re distributed as a .zip file.

If this is not the case, or the pack fails to load, ensure that the pack manifest or pack.yml is contained directly inside the folder / archive like so:

CORRECT - Terra/packs/pack-to-be-installed/pack.yml

├── packs/
┆   ├──
    └── pack-to-be-installed/
        ├── pack.yml

INCORRECT - Terra/packs/pack-to-be-installed/<Folder>/pack.yml

├── packs/
┆   ├──
    └── pack-to-be-installed/
        └── folder/
            └── pack.yml

4. Verify the pack loads

Start up your client / server and look for the pack ID in console. If you see:

[XX:XX:XX INFO]: [Terra] Loading config pack "CUSTOM"

Then your pack should be ready for use.