Bukkit Installation


This guide is intended for the Bukkit version of Terra. Other Platform Installations

The Bukkit version of Terra supports server platforms such as Spigot, Paper and further forks such as Purpur or Pufferfish. However we highly recommend using Paper, or one of its sane forks (Pufferfish, Purpur, etc.), with Terra, since Paper is the Bukkit platform we develop for and support.

Terra will not be fully functional with CraftBukkit/Spigot.


If you have already installed Terra or already know how to install bukkit plugins, you can skip to the world creation guide at the bottom of this page.


  1. Download Terra for Bukkit. You can find what version of Terra you should download for your version of Minecraft here.

  2. Once you have downloaded the .jar file, simply place the file into your plugins folder located inside your server directory.

  3. Once the plugin has been installed restart your server

  4. Verify Terra has loaded, the console/logs should mention Terra somewhere

    Now is also a good time to check for any errors/warnings.

World Creation

There are two main ways to manage worlds on a Bukkit server: using a world manager (which is a separate plugin that is designed to well.. manage worlds), or directly through Bukkit.

Please refer to the guide for your relevant setup:

Setting a Generator Through Bukkit

Setting a Generator Through a World Manager