Fabric, Forge and Quilt Server World Creation


This guide is intended for the Fabric, Forge and Quilt versions of Terra.

Other Platform Installations


We will be replacing the server’s default world with a new Terra world.

Because we are working with changes to worlds ensure that you have made the necessary backups before making any destructive changes!

It is not possible to easily change the generator of an existing world. This is a good thing, as changing the generator of a world will produce broken chunk borders between old and new terrain!


  1. Ensure your server is not running.

  2. If you missed it above, please make a backup of any relevant world folders in your server directory.

  3. Configure your server’s world to use the new config as a generator:

  1. Navigate to the server.properties file which is also contained within your server directory, and open it with any text editor.

  2. Assign your new generator to the default world by setting the level-type key to level-type=terra:<CONFIG_ID>/<CONFIG_ID> (for the default pack this would be terra:overworld/overworld). The pack ID must be all lowercase, e.g. for a pack called EXAMPLE, you would use terra:example/example.


If the level-type key doesn’t exist, simply add it yourself to the end of the file.

  1. Either delete the existing world folder in your server directory or rename it to something else (for example world_backup). The name of your world can be found under the level-name key, which is also located in the server.properties file. The default world name is world.

  2. Boot your server back up.


Your server should re-generate the world folder during startup.

  1. Join your server and check if your new world is using Terra world generation.

If you followed the steps correctly without any errors, then you have successfully set up a server with Terra!


Terra is a pure server mod. If you have Terra on a server, Vanilla clients can join the server. Terra does not need to be installed on clients unless playing with Terra in singleplayer.


If you run into issues during the world set up process, be sure to check you have followed each step correctly. Check for any errors in your server logs and try to interpret what the issue might be.

If you are unable to set up a world successfully, and have attempted to fix any issues yourself, please feel free to shoot us a message on our Discord server and provide any relevant information and most importantly the before mentioned logs!